Make it easy - source properties the smart way
When finding the right property to build your investment portfolio it can be really hard work - we make it easy

Sourcing the right Property can be a real headache

Too many options

At any one time, there are hundreds of thousands of properties available for sale across England. There are over five thousand online property portals, websites and agencies, and more than a hundred different property strategies. It gets confusing.

Multiple steps

There are many steps to ensure you have got a good deal and that’s before you secure it. This is hard work but totally necessary if protecting your investment is important.

Uncertainty about the future  

You make money in property by being able to stay in the game long term. You can lose your capital because changes in the market have not been covered or accounted for in your plans and the fear of these stops you from taking the best opportunities.

Unclear objectives

If you don't know where you want to be, you will end up with a random result which is usually suboptimal. Not understanding risk and reward particularly on a time basis is a common mistake for real estate investors.

Unclear strategy

There are many routes to success, but not knowing how you are going to reach it when you have many options - your tactics and efforts will generally be ineffective unless you are hoping for accidental good results.

Due diligence

Like most things the devil is in the detail. Checking out and analysing the twenty-plus key elements in a good property deal takes a lot of effort, requires many specialist skills, and rarely can be achieved by one person.

The power of a network


Our ability to find you the best property opportunities is multiplied by our extensive network of property sources and professionals across England. The same applies to your property for sale.


Being able to leverage the years of effort, experience, and money of literally hundreds of professionals in our network and their investment into their businesses by getting the right opportunity quickly is the key to your investment success.

Strong Process

We believe in doing the right thing, always as a first principle. This requires doing things the right way and following a disciplined process. We do this because your money is important.

Save time & money

Wasted time with either poor or no result is typically the biggest frustration and blockage for investors at nearly every stage of their journey.

Scaling & Growth

Your ability to grow both your capital pot and ongoing monthly cash flow is enhanced by your willingness to work with others. Where most investors struggle is putting all the pieces together at once.

Assisting Agents and Developers to Sell Property


Doing the right thing includes working in the right way with the right people. There are cowboys and then there are people that we work with.


Doing the right thing starts with basic regulatory compliance to stay above board. This includes basic anti-money laundering and knowing your client and investor category certification. We do not skip this.


Professionalism starts with respect and basic good manners. We treat people and their business/money seriously while maintaining a friendly positive approach.


It’s really simple. Our aim is for us to make money together. And we do it in a way where we can continue to make money together, long term.

Time is money

How each of us chooses to spend both our time and money is really important because it determines our results and either creates or limits our options or opportunities in the future.


Many people approach business and investment from a purely selfish point of view without recognising the value of sustained mutually beneficial relationships. You make more money by working together.

How to get started

  • For us to work together we both have to be comfortable. This usually starts with a conversation and then a more formal but friendly professional process where both of us are clear on what is involved at each step.

  • Our objective is Clients for Life, we believe in doing the right thing and this includes doing things the right way so we can make money together.

What happens next?

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  • One of our Property team will be in touch to discuss your plans, options, and expectations

Meet the Life Assets Team and Partners

Will Mallard

Director leading Property Strategy, Deal Making and Settlement