You're Smart - Invest in a Smart Property Portfolio
We cater for all levels of Property Investor from those entering the market through to an Investment progression that accumulates wealth quickly for the astute and shrewd.

Smart Property Investment is really hard work

Too many options

When you google “property investment UK” there are 462 million results. It is difficult to know what is the right thing to do with your money. 

Uncertainty in the future

We make investment choices based on how we feel about the future. These are uncertain times with a tidal wave of conflicting information. This makes it hard to see what’s around the corner.

Low confidence

Many of us fear we will make a mistake with poor investment choices and lose our money. It doesn’t feel good to gamble with your future. 

Too little time

We live in a busy world and time is money. Many people simply don’t have enough time in their day to do everything that is needed to build their wealth through property.

Lack of experience

When we haven’t done something or lack the right team, our chances of success are reduced. It’s very hard to start out alone. 

Better than average returns without the hassle

Strong Team

Our team is professionally qualified in a range of disciplines and highly experienced in property portfolio ownership, investment, development, and management. Our skill set is enhanced by strong discipline to process. We treat our clients money as if it were our own.

Robust Process

In addition to compliance with regulatory requirements, we follow detailed written processes to provide a level of quality control and an ability to do the right thing based on facts rather than hype.

Investment Discipline

One of the most overlooked ways of growing wealth is to avoid losing money and the deals that we don’t do are actually the key to success. Our overriding investment strategy is buying good value with high cash flow.

Focus on Cash Flow

In addition to producing income, high cash flow allows you to stay in the game and is one of the best securities in any investment. We buy property rents that outweigh the costs so there is profit and returns.


In addition to financial leverage through mainly mortgage and commercial finance products, we leverage our networks to access the best deals and carefully selected partners to manage the property post-acquisition.


In preparation for a major expansion of our business we have invested heavily in building up a valuable network of professionals to source, screen, select, and secure the best property deals across England.

A range of premium Investment options with a turn key service 

Equity in SPV

Life Assets assembles Special Purpose Vehicles to own larger commercial and residential Property Assets that we then operate. We can offer shareholding (subject to FCA rules) with both income and capital growth benefits.

Opportunistic Investments

Through our networks we have access to a number of below market value assets where the seller is in a distressed situation and we have identified additional opportunities to increase cash flow and value. These opportunities involve fast decisions with a higher risk, higher reward profile and are suitable only for high net worth and sophisticated investors.

Preferential Property Prices

By representing you, the buyer or as a joint venture partner we negotiate deals to help you buy investment property at the best price. This is often substantially less than what you would obtain buying direct or through a regular agent. The same principle applies to obtaining good value in our finance, legal, and survey solutions. 

Competitive Lending Options

Again, representing you as the buyer through our screened network of independent financial advisors, you have access to preferential mortgage products for first home buyers, as well as understanding what is important to you based on rates and terms so you get something that fits your lifestyle and goals. 

Turn Key Service

Your life is busy and you have a choice of doing things the hard way or the easy way. We can help with the easy way and will co-ordinate and process all administrative tasks and application processes in one simple service and a single point of contact.

How to get started

  • For us to work together we both have to be comfortable. This usually starts with a conversation and then a more formal but friendly professional process where both of us are clear on what is involved at each step.

  • Our objective is Clients for Life, we believe in doing the right thing and this includes doing things the right way so we can make money together.


What happens next?

  • CLICK BELOW and fill out the Investors Inquiry form (30 Seconds)

  • One of our Property Investment team will be in touch to discuss your plans, options, and expectations

  • Select a property Investment that achieves your objectives (subject to FCA rules)

  • We document the agreed strategy and get the paperwork in place (so there are no delays)

  • We offer you the right opportunity and you invest

  • You are happy with your experience, continue to invest and then you endorse us, introducing and referring people you think will benefit 


Meet the Life Assets Team and Partners

Will Mallard

Director leading Property Strategy, Deal Making and Settlement