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Over recent weeks, I have held calls with dozens of investors and business owners mainly in the UK. Every one of these people is dealing with the feeling of uncertainty and crisis of some sort.

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An epic journey often involves some form of risk

Risk to many of us is scary. However, with risk, reward is often close behind…

A window cleaning contractor for a vacant city high rise office tower saw an opportunity while reading the news of a student accommodation crisis.

How to invest 50K - Your Choice

Investing with just 50k is a lot simpler and easier than you think. 

Through a combination of good fortune and hard work, you have accumulated a savings pot and for this example we are going to say it’s fifty thousand.

How to Get on the Property Ladder Faster as a First Time Buyer

Here are some ways Life Assets can help you get your First Home faster

The first thing you need to achieve is to SAVE up a deposit. Life Assets offer a much higher interest rate to help you get on the property ladder faster. If you have a family member or friend that will provide security you may not need a deposit at all.

The Guide to Buying Your First Home in the UK

More and more people are finding their way onto the property ladder every year with a 3% rise in first home buyers since 2016.

Millions have experienced initial fears in this process, whether they be fears pushing them into saving for their first home because they don’t want to be left behind, or fears that stop them from starting the process such as no savings, lack of confidence and knowledge, and uncertainty about the future.

The Opportunities Are Real, Right Now

With banks being able to access money at very low interest rates, you can get mortgages on your first home at very low levels. This means you are able to pay your mortgage off faster with low monthly payments.

Given the current economic affairs due to Covid-19, The Bank of England announced a historical slash in their interest rates from 0.25%, to an all time low of 0.1%.

Meet the Life Assets Team and Partners

Will Mallard

Director leading Property Strategy, Deal Making and Settlement