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An epic journey often involves some form of risk

Risk to many of us is scary. However, with risk, reward is often close behind…

A window cleaning contractor for a vacant city high rise office tower saw an opportunity while reading the news of a student accommodation crisis.

He approached the university's housing department who, due to a capital acquisitions freeze, couldn’t not buy the building.

However, they underwrote the refurbishment finance and signed a twenty year lease on the converted building which provided sixteen floors of purpose built student accommodation, and two floors of central business district teaching and meeting room space for the university. 

By signing the contract to purchase the vacant building at six million which revalued at over thirty five million based on the university lease, which included upward only inflation link rent reviews and that all internal repairs, maintenance and tenancy issues would be handled by the student accommodation services at their cost.

It was a good move on the window cleaning contractors part.

Using our initiative and being smart with our money is something that we could all do with doing more of. 

We know the importance of both, and are here to not only help, but to also guide you through UK property investment the right way.

A quote that really emphasises that is the one of the late and incredibly successful Andrew Carnegie - Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.

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