Life Assets, Clients For Life.
Our strength is putting the right people in the right role so that we all make money. Our network of agents, partners and experts help us to execute and realise your benefits.

Life Assets, Clients for Life

Our approach to Property Investment in the UK is simple

We see the current environment as a time of great uncertainty and enormous opportunity to reward the right smart moves. By buying at a low price point and buying cash flowing (profitable) property, we are securing the income and the capital of both our business as well as protecting the money out investors have entrusted us with.

Our strength is putting together the right people in all aspects, so we all make money. The concept of Ocean's Eleven or The Magnificent Seven where we assemble a team of highly trained specialists and top performers in their field, into one team for the benefit of our clients (and us). We welcome a chat with any property or investment people and have a range of partner opportunities where we can make money by working together.

We have investment opportunities involving both debt and equity options as well as direct property purchases with Life Assets acting as either a broker or a joint venture partner. All investments follow full English regulatory compliance and operational due diligence. It is important to us to know our clients understand their position and make sure there is an appropriate match, both ways.

A full range of Property Investment products and services


We offer three methods of property investment appropriate for every level.


Packaged Property Deal. A fixed fee service for busy people where we help build your portfolio.

High Interest Returns

We can offer returns of between 5 - 8% over 3 years for deposits above £30,000.

Testimonials from our Investment Clients 

“After 9 years, my day to day running of the business had become boring. I had no idea of direction and lacked the skills or experience needed to come up with new ideas. I explained this to Will at Life Assets, and he broke down all his advice into easy to understand guidance that I could follow. He advised me about where my money would be wisely spent, and pointed me in the direction of people that could assist me with gaining what I needed with no financial gain to himself.

Will is a top guy that truly has other people's interests at heart. Not many people these days are honest and genuine but from my experience, Will Mallard is.”


“I would have no hesitation in recommending Will Mallard. He urges his clients to develop their situation but also in their personal outlook, and he encourages you to produce the best results possible and achieve and outperform your ambitions.”'


“I was asked many questions by Will and answered them, but wondered why he didn't try to sell me anything. It soon dawned on me that this guy was genuinely offering me honest advice and guidance.”


“Will is a highly motivated, passionate, and professional businessman. His strengths lie in his ability to seek, grow, and develop business relationships and uncommon commitment to the task at hand. Will is well-known for helping others and is a natural business connector who is an asset to any team he works with.”


“He was straight-talking and while working with our business, he helped us to identify the trend in our industry that culminated in us deciding to close the business in a managed way - which was the right thing to do. I would recommend Will and feel that the service he offered was good value for money and was a journey that we embarked upon that proved extremely valuable to me.”


“Will is an independent, motivated, and self-directed person who is able to communicate effectively and meet even the most demanding challenges.

His financial intelligence as well as his leadership really planted a business mind in me. Will has always been and will be the driving force for any company or individual he works with.”


Meet the Life Assets Team and Partners

Will Mallard

Director leading Property Strategy, Deal Making and Settlement