A First Home, Your Asset For Life
With record low interest rates and generous UK Government incentives there has never been a better time to get on the Property Ladder - 5% deposit down is all you need.

What are the challenges that First Home Buyers encounter?

Being left behind or missing out

As more and more of your friends get on the property ladder, there is often a sense of feeling left behind and wishing you had started sooner. With time, this feeling grows, and so do property prices

Uncertainty in the future

It is very difficult to know how we feel about the future in uncertain times. However, keeping up to date in the current market helps you to envision your future and keep your goal in mind.

Low Self Confidence

When we want to do something, but we have never done it before, it is natural to be unsure whether we are doing it right, or indeed whether we should be doing it.

No Savings, No Deposit

Getting on the property ladder has traditionally required saving for a whopping 60% deposit before being able to access the market

Lack of Knowledge in Investment

For most people, your first home is the single biggest financial commitment of your life to date, so it is really important that it’s done right.

What are the opportunities for buying a First Home in the UK?

LOW INTEREST RATES - Lowest on record

Because banks can access money at very low interest rates, you can get mortgages on your first home at very low levels. This means you are able to pay your mortgage off faster with low monthly payments.

5% DEPOSIT - Down from 20%

To buy a £300,000 house, 5% would be a £15,000 deposit and 20% would be a £60,000 deposit. There is a huge difference in how much cash you have to put down. 

HELP TO BUY - UK Government Support

The UK Government recognises that people should have a home and has put in place significant financial support to help first home buyers to take the first step onto the property ladder.


How can Life Assets help YOU buy your First Home? 

Deposit Saving Scheme

The first thing you need to achieve is to SAVE up a deposit. Life Assets offer a much higher interest rate to help you get on the property ladder faster. If you have a family member or friend that will provide security you may not need a deposit at all.

Preferential Property Prices

By representing you, the Buyer, we negotiate deals to help you buy your first home at the best price which is often substantially less than what you would obtain buying direct or through a regular agent. The same principle applies to obtaining good value in your finance, legal, and survey solutions. 

Competitive Lending Options

Again, representing you as the buyer through our screened network of independent financial advisors, you have access to preferential mortgage products for first home buyers, as well as understanding what is important to you based on rates and terms so you get something that fits your lifestyle and goals. 

Turn Key Service

Your life is busy and you have a choice of doing things the hard way or the easy way. We can help with the easy way and will co-ordinate and process all administrative tasks and application processes in one simple service and a single point of contact.


How to get started

  • For us to work together we both have to be comfortable. This usually starts with a conversation and then a more formal but friendly professional process where both of us are clear on what is involved at each step.

  • Our objective is Clients for Life, we believe in doing the right thing and this includes doing things the right way so we can make money together.

What happens next?

  • CLICK BELOW and fill out the First Home Inquiry form (30 Seconds)

  • One of our Property Investment team will be in touch to discuss your plans, options and expectations

  • Select a property that qualifies for a First Home Buyer and is within your budget at the right locality

  • Select a lender and mortgage that gives you the flexibility that you need at a very competitive rate - (Pre-Approval)

  • Life Assets will make an offer on the property and negotiate the best deal possible for you

  • Complete the Contracts and Documentation to settle your First Home purchase


Meet the Life Assets Team and Partners

Will Mallard

Director leading Property Strategy, Deal Making and Settlement