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Specialists in Property Investment across the UK.

With truly national reach we are focused on building successful, fun and mutually profitable relationships with Clients and Partners

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A First Home, Your Asset for Life and the First Rung on the Property Ladder

We get yourself or people who are important to you onto the Property Ladder with their First Home.

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Smart Investors build Cashflow through Investment in Profitable Property Assets

To build wealth you need to grow income by investing in Cashflow Positive Property Assets that generate healthy Returns.

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WILL MALLARD - My Perspective

I'll never forget getting the keys to my first home after moving in on the first night. I was overcome with fear.
I had such an overwhelming pressure in my head about what I had just done and how I could pay this mortgage back that was so much money, what was I thinking?

Now that I look back after 25 years I realise I was successful because I had access to good information and people for discussion. I was also able to take advantage of preferential lending arrangements all of which are important factors in getting into your first home or growing your property investment.
Investment Services
Complete Sourcing Solution

Complete Sourcing Solution

Where you want to keep all of the equity, risk and reward to yourself we assist in exchange for a fee. The services offered help you to buy the right property making improvements and ongoing management with our team of professionals.

Portfolio Builder

Portfolio Builder

We work together to acquire property assets and hold these assets long term for the purpose of wealth creation. By combining our resources we make money together. Get started from £50,000 (subject to FCA rules).

Savings Accelerator

Savings Accelerator

Really simple way to grow your investment income or retirement pot for a fixed rate of interest for the capital invested. Get started from £5,000 - £500,000 with a range of options between 5-12% per annum on one year, two year or three year terms.

Your Property Business

Your Property Business

We want to help you make money either as a new or established property agent, sourcer, surveyor, solicitor, accountant, building consultant or independent person who wants to create income.

First Home Deposit Saving Scheme

First Home Deposit Saving Scheme

We offer high interest saving schemes backed by cash flowing property assets to get you into your first home faster.

Client feedback
Will from Life Assets was straight talking and while working with our business, he helped us to clearly identify the trend in our industry.

Michael Client

Not many people these days are honest and genuine but from my experience Will Mallard from Life Assets is, to anyone that has the pleasure to deal with him.
Daniel - Private Investor

Daniel Colleague

Will from Life Assets financial intelligence as well as his leadership really planted a business mind in me, his ability to achieve successful results has made me strive to be the best.

Ati Private Investor

I would have no hesitation in recommending Will Mallard from Life Assets. He urges his clients to develop their situation but also in their personal outlook.

Tony Investor